I was invited down to EVE Vegas


It's been a really busy year for the people at CPP Games, the group behind the mythical sci-fi MMORPG EVE Online and its cellular spin-off, EVE Mobile ISK. The dev team has been jet setting across the globe hosting fan fests for the EVE Online faithful across Australia, Europe, and North America. Past the community events and celebrations, the tour stops provided an opportunity for press and players to devote some hands-on time with an early build of Eve Echoes running on iOS.

I was invited down to EVE Vegas for the latest updates on the development Eve Echoes and get a firsthand look at the Alpha build of Eve Echoes. Simply speaking, Eve Echoes looks magnificent and has the capability to be a special MMORPG, but a lot of that is riding on the success of this beta that's scheduled to begin in December.

CPP Games has developed a dedicated player base which retains the EVE galaxy busy through a network of player-owned Corporations who have staked out a claim to the majority of Eve Echoes world and control mining, combat and trade across a huge galaxy of star systems.

While I never committed myself to learning Eve Echoes, I really do like to check in with the community every now and again simply to see what crazy achievements or distance battles that EVE players have been up to. The sheer quantity of participant dedication and team preparation that takes place build massive warships, arrange epic raids or to support one another is simply staggering.

With Eve Echoes, I was instantly pleased with the standard of the graphics. Mobile gaming has come a very long way from the 16 years since EVE Online first started, and I still found moments where I was awestruck by the attention to detail on planets and the spaceships playing. The fact that Eve Echoes will be a full-featured MMORPG for mobile devices is excellent because the beta is going to be the vessel for new players like myself to find a flavor of the EVE experience without being bound to Buy EVE Echoes ISK a PC.Since the Tear that is dark is slept by the Evaluation Prior to launch

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