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What is Full Stack Development? Web developers gain a lot of specializations because the web has become more complex. Hence, web development includes various things depending on what is the specialization of a web developer. The three main categories of web development are: ❖ Front End Development: Front End Development includes the visible parts of a website or apps that are visible to a user. ❖ Back End Development : Back end Development includes ‘under the hood’ parts which are not visible to the users. ❖ Full Stack Development : Full Stack Development is a hybrid or mixture of both front end development as well as back end development. Full stack can be applied to software programs for specific devices such as a web stack, mobile stack or a native application stack. One must have got an idea of the main categories of web development. Now, here’s a sneak-peek into what each of the web developers do What is Role of Full Stack Developer: If a student, needs to get extensive knowledge of Full Stack Development and the role of a full stack developer. They need to understand the tasks, roles and responsibilities of a front-end and back-end developer. Listed below are the roles and responsibilities in detail. Who is a Front End Developer? Front End Developers builds the visible parts of websites that users see and interact within their web browsers. Mostly, the front end of a website, web or mobile application is the part that a user sees and directly interacts with. Front End Developers develop the front end with languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Given below are the languages in detail What is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) It is the pillar of the Web. Each and every website that is present on the Web is created with HTML. HTML takes care of the structure as well as the content of that particular website. Although, HTML5 is the current iteration of HTML on the Web, older versions still run on web browsers. What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is that which controls the way in which HTML is displayed on the page. CSS mainly sets the colors, fonts, background images and the layout of the page.CSS3 is the up-to-date iteration of CSS on the Web and adds a lot of features for basic interactivity and animations What is JavaScript JavaScript is a Programming Language of the Website. Normally, websites are developed with HTML and CSS. Comparatively, JavaScript has a lot of features to these two programming languages. JavaScript allows developers to add more interactivity, complex animations and creates the possibility to build fully-featured Web Applications. In a nutshell, front end developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code websites. They basically take the design and create a fully-functioning website. Who is a Back End Developer? Back end developers build the ‘Under the hood’ parts of websites which is not directly visible to users. Also, users cannot interact with these parts of the websites. The back-end of the website is much more behind the scenes and may have some benefits over frond-end technologies for some projects. Back End Developers generally use back end programming languages such as PHP. Now, it would be simpler to understand the roles and responsibilities of a full stack developer. What is a Full Stack Developer? Full Stack Developers are those who work with front-end as well as back end of a website or a web application. They mostly either work on projects that include databases, making user-facing websites or work with clients during the planning phase of projects Thus, Full Stack Development is where a web developer or engineer works on a project that develops both the front end and back end of a website or an application at the same time. A web development project includes both web developers namely a front end developer and a back end developer. However, a Full Stack Developer fills and therefore plays the role of both a front-end developer and a Back-end Developer in a project. To pursue a challenging, competitive and successful career in Full Stack Development, one must enroll in Technobridge’s practical oriented online Full Stack Development training programs. Career Opportunities in Full Stack Development: Career Opportunities in Full Stack Development: ❖ Junior Full Stack Developer ❖ Senior Full Stack Developer ❖ Lead Developer/Technical Architect ❖ Development Team Lead/ Software Development Manager ❖ Senior Management Roles: Director, Vice President or Chief Technology Officer If students want to pursue a successful career in full stack development, it is a must to enroll in a Online Full Stack Developer Course. Different Profiles as a Full stack Developer:- Students who have completed a Full Stack Developer Training would get varied opportunities and profiles in the industry: ❖ Module Lead ❖ UI Designer ❖ UI Framework Designer ❖ Lead Software Engineer ❖ Front End Developer ❖ Angular Developer ❖ UI Developer ❖ Web Developer Salaries Of Full Stack Developer The average salary of a Full Stack Developer is INR 9.24 Lakhs per annum .When the industry is experiencing lows, their salaries could go down to INR 4.69 Lakhs per annum. On the other hand, an experienced professional could earn up to INR 16.88 Lakhs per annum. Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Certified Full Stack Certification ❖ Cognizant ❖ Infosys ❖ TCS ❖ Xpanxion ❖ Accenture ❖ Capgemini ❖ KPIT ❖ Persistent Systems

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