Garage Builders Rockhampton


Residential garages usually hold one or two cars, while three-car garages are also common. When a garage is adjacent to a house, the garage often has an entry door into the house. We are Garage Builders Rockhampton valued your privacy and safety. The doors of the garage may be opened to allow vehicle entry and exit and then closed to protect the vehicle. A garage protects a vehicle from the elements and, if equipped with a locking garage door, it also secures it from theft and vandalism. Most garages can also be used as workshops for a range of operations such as painting, woodworking, and assembling. Garages can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including storage and recreation. Some garages include an electrical mechanism that opens or closes the garage door automatically when the homeowner hits a button on a small remote control, as well as a detector that stops the garage door from closing if something is blocking it.

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